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Two-phases immersion cooling unit

   We have been working on a two-phase immersion cooling system for a year and recently delivered 2 cooling units for 108 Quanta Leopard servers with U250 Xilinx boards (see images attached). At this moment we're in the process of getting full warranty on our solution from Xilinx. The coming days we'll perform several tests using firmware they provided.

   Our team is able to refine this technology and produce it at low-cost in Ukraine, additionally we have already defined the next iteration of our universal two-phase immersion cooling solution; "A data center in a box".


   When we had got order we researched technical documentation (from 3M, Xilinx, MGI) and looked all recommendations about production two-phases cooling unit.

Proof of concept

   After that, we built the prototype (proof of concept) on the ATX motherboard.



   When we had approved a concept of a finally ordered prototype, we built a second prototype (for Quanta Leopard server). After testing that we had all parameters about finally product and information for the production it.


   We separated unit to about 30 parts (Electricity circuit, water connection, frame elements etc.) and started all of them at the same time (using 3d modeling, CAD, and suppliers in Ukraine). After that, all parts have been assembled, adjusted and tested. Finally, unit had been disassembled and delivered from Kyiv(Ukraine) to Roosendaal. (Netherlands).


We assembled cooling unit on place with customization it for before-prepared container.

Launch and tests

When all servers had been installed and liquid had been pumped into, unit was started and delivered to customer.

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